Two Years Later

Today marks exactly two years since I was falsely accused of sexual assault.

Oddly enough, as much time as I spend thinking about and working on this issue, I almost completely forgot the significance of this day. It was the day that my whole life came crashing down around me and though I am a much stronger, indeed a much more formidable person, than I was two years ago, it still hurts to know that my life was almost destroyed because of a lie. It also hurts to know that despite the incontrovertible evidence we uncovered proving my innocence, my former college botched their "investigation" and eventually found me responsible for something I didn't do.

The text messages attached (I will try to attach better quality images later today) have had names censured for my protection and the protection of the person who sent them to me. We came into possession of this information sometime during the course of my kangaroo hearing at Hanover from someone whose conscience got in the way of their participation in the coordinated effort to expel me. Aside from my lawyers, my parents, the federal government, and the school, this is the first time I have shared this information publicly.

The conversation clearly details plans to accuse me a third time if I was not expelled as a result of my second hearing. Around the same time, one of the people involved in my accusations tweeted that more people would be coming forward to accuse me. I suppose this is what he meant.

The reason I am choosing to share this information now is because recently, some 20 months after my expulsion, someone came to me privately to share several details about the activities of my former fraternity brothers during this time period. I won't share the full conversation here because it contains a lot of information that could be used to identify them. However, this person relayed to me that they were enlisted by my accusers to spy on me through social media and detailed situations in which the brothers had acted dishonorably in regards to this situation.

In essence, it corroborated the text messages (which they could have had no knowledge of) and confirmed what I already suspected: it really was a coordinated effort to have me expelled and to exact revenge for whatever imagined slights I'd committed against them.

So, two years later, why does all of this matter? Because no matter how long it takes, the truth always comes out in the end. I may have lost friends, opportunities, and emotional stability, but I always knew that I would one day be vindicated because I believed firmly in truth and justice. That belief is what kept me going. It is what made me stronger than I was before, stronger than any of the people involved in this despicable act.

Most importantly, it gave me the strength to forgive my accusers and the courage to stand up for others who might find themselves in my position.


  1. "When that day comes that we face the Creator, God will not be looking us over for medals or awards, but rather, for scars."


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